About Easy Inks

Easy Inks are manufactured in Denzlingen, Germany. They are a premium ink manufacturer whose products either meet or exceed the quality of OEM inks. All of their inks are designed to match ICC colour profiles, so they are plug and play when switching. No cleaning or flushing is required and there is no need to change all ink colours at the same time.

Ink Production in Germany

For over 20 years Easy Inks have provided the digital printing industry with inks, supplies, consumables, spare parts and software. Easy Inks have been able to secure the trust of thousands of customers in Germany, the UK, Europe and the whole world.

Sustainable production

For the customer this has enormous advantages, because the inks are produced accordingly to European rules and safety regulations. This means not only high environmental and social standards in production, but above all, safety for the user.  All Easy inks correspond to the REACH requirements in the European Union. They are correctly labelled and shipped with appropriate safety data sheets.

When you switch to Easy Inks no compromises are made. The German professional association for energy, textile, electro and media products (BG ETEM) has confirmed that our inks – unlike to a number of original manufacturer inks – do not contain any reprotoxic ingredients.

Higher productivity, more safety.

Easy Inks are fully compatible to the original manufacturer inks. Meaning no inconvenient flushing of ink carrying parts, no time consuming and expensive regeneration of ICC profiles. The change to our inks is easy and unproblematic.  A key advantage of Easy inks is they are extremely scratch, chemical and alcohol resistant, exceeding the quality of many OEM inks in this regard.

Easy Inks offer deep & vivid colours, due to the exceptionally high quality of its components. This also allows a better control of the dot gain. Therefore, it is possible to achieve significantly better optical resolution - with the same printing mode. When using a fixed print quality therefore less head crossings are needed compared to the original manufacturer's ink. This results in a productivity gain of up to 40% by choosing a faster print mode. This combined with the excellent value for money compared to OEM inks, make Easy Inks a no-compromise alternative.