Easy Ink 1000ml  InkCartridges For Seiko Colourpainters 64S/100S | Link Ink
Easy Inks 1000ml Cartridges for Seiko ColourPainter 64S / 100S
Product Code:  SEIKO-1000-K

All Easy Inks products correspond in durability and quality of the original ink, making transition trouble free by avoiding any flushing, cleaning and profiling procedures.

Thanks to Easy Inks “Perfect Colour Match Technology” the colour match and chemical properties of these inks are an exact match to the original equipment manufacturer.

Product Features
  • Fully compatible to original Seiko IP6 inks
  • Manufactured in Germany with high quality standards, using a strict in house quality control
  • Superior scratch, alcohol and chemical resistance, excellent for high resolution printing
  • No clogging of the print heads, no need to re-profile and can be mixed with OEM inks without any problems
Compatible Seiko Printers
  • Seiko ColorPainter 64s & 100s