Anti-Microbial Copper Tinted Film
Product Code:  AMCF70/400/300

This COPPER ANTIMICROBIAL FILM starts working against bacteria and viruses immediately on contact, reaching ~90%+ reduction within 30 minutes and 99% by 4 hours*.

Copper kills many germs on contact**. Viruses and bacteria survive longer on hard surfaces than on soft ones with fibres. So anti-microbial coatings can play an important role in reducing transmission, particularly when used as part of an overall cleaning management programme. In South Korea, where the virus has been managed well, Copper Films have been used extensively to reduce virus transmission on touch surfaces.


Key features of Copper Anti-Microbial Film
  • Composition uses 99.9% pure copper
  • Contains 100,000 ppm copper in (or on) the film
  • Efficacy lasts for 3 months depending on aftercare and touch frequency
  • Identify when effect is diminishing when film surface gets darker
  • More durable than an equivalent PE product
  • Easy to install and detach with removable adhesive
  • Multi time use by cleaning with water
Adapts to most surfaces and perfect for any regularly used or frequently touched surfaces:
  • Door handles
  • Touchscreens 
  • Counters & desks
  • Public transport hand rails
  • Power switches
Source: *Details of test results available on request **Health Environments Research and Design Journal