Anti-Microbial Copper Tinted Film
Product Code:  AMCF70/400/300

Viruses and bacteria survive longer on hard surfaces than on soft ones with fibers. So anti-microbial coatings can play an important role in reducing transmission, particularly when used as part of an overall cleaning management programme.

Copper has been proven to kill many germs on contact*. Compared with 24 hours on cardboard (paper) and 2-3 days on plastics and stainless steel, Coronavirus extinction times are within 4 hours on copper.

Key features of Copper Anti-Microbial Film

  • Composition uses 99.9% pure copper
  • Contains 100,000 ppm copper in (or on) the film
  • PET (polyester) base material
  • More durable than an equivalent PE product
  • Easy to install and detach with removable adhesive
  • Multi-time use by cleaning with water
  • High transparency and clarity & adapts to most surfaces
Perfect for any regularly used or frequently touched surfaces:
  • Door handles
  • Touchscreens 
  • Counters & desks
  • Public transport hand rails
  • Power switches
Source: *Health Environments Research and Design Journal