5L Santiser Liquid Drum

Covid-19 has created a huge demand for sanitisers, liquid and all dispensers, this 5 litre drum of sanitising liquid is designed to be used with our automatic NO-TOUCH dispenser. The dispenser is designed to deliver just the right amount of sanitiser liquid making it very cost effective at just 1p per vend. 

Sanitising Liquid Specification
  • Superior alcohol based sanitiser
  • Kills 99.99% of bacteria, viruses and fungi, including HIV, E Coli, Corona Virus, Influenza, C1D1 and many more in seconds
  • Clean mild smell
  • A professional, clinical hand sanitizer designed for medical applications, exceeds the required 70% Alcohol content the WHO recommends for use in epidemics and in surgical areas
  • Tested to the following EN standards 1276, 1500, 13727, 14348, 14476727, 14348, 14476
  • Ingredients Denaturated Ethyl Alcohol (72%), Glycerine (1,45%), Isopropanol (1%), Triethanolamine, gelling agent Carbomer940, water.