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Large format pressure Sensitive Laminating and Mounting Film, Self Adhesive Foamboard | Link-Ink

A range of pressure sensitive mounting and laminating film. The laminating film is available in gloss, matt and crystal finish with a solvent adhesive designed to enhance and protect  interior and exterior graphics . Wound on a 3" core.

Pressure Sensitive Laminating Film & Mount Film
Our range of pressure sensitive self wound mount film and laminating films (also know as cold pressure film) is available in Gloss, Matt, Satin and Crystal finishes and is supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive which is protected with a silicone liner. To view the whole range please click on the title above.
Premium Quality Encapsulation Film
Low melt encapsulation film available in 75 micron, 125 micron & 250 micron
Liquid Laminates
Clear coatings, also called liquid laminates or Giclee varnish are an inexpensive way to protect your prints, digital wall coverings, fine art, canvas prints, signs, banners, truck sides, awnings as a small example. Liquid laminates are cost effective, easy to apply, and does not require expensive equipment to apply and can even be applied by a hand roller.
Self Adhesive Foamboard
3mm and 5mm self adhesive white foamboard, click on the title above for full details. PRICES FROM