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Bulk Ink Systems and refillable ink cartridges for Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh and Epson printers | Link Ink

Our range of Bulk Ink Systems are designed to make the change over from cartridges as simple as possible. There are no tubes or complicated devices to worry about. The Bulk Ink System consists of a bulk cartridge with a feeder tank which is fitted to the top of the bulk cartridge, each cartridge & tank will hold just under 1 litre of ink.

Changing to Inktec ink

Bulk Ink Systems For Roland & Uniform Printers
A simple but effective way of converting your printer to take bulk eco solvent ink. The bulk tank on the cartridge feeds ink into the cartridge to a pre determined level, this is controlled by a float system in the cartridge which maintains the correct level of ink. Full conversion instructions are supplied. Now compatible with original ink & no need to flush before switching inks.
Bulk Ink Systems for Mimaki Printers
A simple but effective way of converting your printer to take bulk solvent ink, the bulk ink cartridge replaces the normal cartridge and a valve system inside the bulk ink cartridge allows ink to flow from the bulk tank to a level which will maintain the correct pressure on the printheads. If your original cartridges were chipped we will supply the appropriate chips. Full conversion instructions are supplied.
Original Bulk Ink Systems for Mutoh Printers
Original Mutoh Bulk Ink Systems for use on Mutoh ValuJet's 1204/1304/1324/1604/1614/1624/1638/2638 Mutoh Rockhopper 3, Spitfire 65/90, Spitfire 100, Blizzard 65/90